Wedding Dress Styles that are Complimentary

Most women have the image of their perfect wedding dress impressed in their minds. Mine was a big puffy princess dress, which was meant to make me feel like an angel on the day. However, the dress that stunned the room was a fitted column with a very long train! Choosing the perfect wedding dress is harder than it initially appears. Although it is very tempting to stick to a specific style of dress, it is definitely advisable to try various cuts and styles, even if you are convinced that is not the right one (like I was until I was made to try column dress on). Here is a few examples of the wedding dress styles available:

A-Line Dress

The most popular style of wedding dresses is probably the A-line dress, which essentially is a closely fitted bodice with an A-shaped skirt. The Weddings 2skirt can sometimes be quite full with lots of inner petticoats, or simply a column dress with a flare at the hem. This particular style, with very little adjustments, can suit all shapes and sizes. The fitted bodice helps create a flatter tummy and slimmer waistline, while its shape flatters the bust. Ladies with smaller bust can wear a padded bra (or add separate padding) to balance the shape, while heavy bust can be supported using boned corsetry (although support is usually built within the bodice). The skirt also effectively covers up wider hips, while giving some shape to narrower hips.

Princess-Line Dress

This style is very commonly assumed to be the same as A-Line dresses. The way to tell the two styles apart would be by the three vertical panels making up the front of the Princess-Line dress, as well as the absence of any seam at the waistline. This shape, in a similar way to A-line dresses, suits most women with a little adjustment and thus is very popular.

Circular Skirt Dress

The full skirt bridesmaid dress (also known as ‘full skirt dress’) gives the ideal ‘fairy-tale bride’ look as it consists of a fitted bodice, and a skirt with lots of volume (reminiscent of Cinderella’s gown). It is ideal for ladies with bigger bust and slimmer hip, as this style provides the ideal balance in shape. Ladies with smaller bust should ideally wear additional padding to avoid the fitted bodice drawing any attention. However, wider hipped ladies should avoid this style as the voluptuous skirt will exaggerate their hips. This style is also not suitable for petite structures, as the dress volume would engulf the bride entirely.

We have also recently seen the dresses made from hemp becoming much more popular in the last few years. There are now some really cool creators of hemp clothing in Australia. It’s worth checking them out to see what styles and options they have. There are no fewwer that 10 high quality fashion studios putting out clothing such as dresses, pants, shirts and tops made from the hemp plant.

Column Dress

As the name suggests, the style of this dress can be fitted at the top with a floaty skirt (such as the Grecian style) or can be fitted down to the hip with a skirt flowing straight downwards. The style is not too dressy and therefore is also ideal for a relatively informal wedding. However, due to its shape, this dress dress needs careful consideration before deciding on it. Although it is not necessary for the bride to be slim and tall to look good in this dress, being well proportioned is important. Furthermore, the dress style is very figure hugging so lumps and bumps will get emphasized.

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