We’ve found some interesting bridesmaid dresses!

Bridesmaid dresses have to be selected with as much care as the bridal gown or bride’s dress. This is because bridesmaids have has a role to play in the wedding ceremony and everybody’s eyes are on her as well, even if such attention is only for a brief period. These dresses vary in sizes, designs, materials, and colors. Traditionally, the dresses worn by bridesmaids have taken a backseat to the dresses that the bride wears. It is to ensure that bridesmaid’s dress does not overshadow the bridal gown. After all, it is the bride’s day.

Nevertheless, a bridesmaid’s dress needs to be impressive enough. The choice includes conservative long dresses and gowns to dresses that are contemporary in designs. Therefore, the style that a bridesmaid selects can be a strapless, or one shoulder dress. Some bridesmaids may opt for halter neck style also,  Blouson and bodice dress patterns are also available. Cowl neck dresses and princess neckline are also common patterns on these. Many of the longer styles for bridesmaids may also have slits. Contemporary fashions such as high and low patterns are incorporated in these items. Bridesmaid’s dresses are usually embellished with patterns on them such as pleats, cords, cascades, ruffles, etc. Broaches may also be use on these.

Colors favored are pastel shades of beige, pink, blue, green, peach and yellow. But contemporary fashion designers of bridesmaid dresses have used darker colors such as red and brown to make the bridesmaid’s dress. There are not many of these dresses with prints though. Likewise, full sleeved and close neck dresses for bridesmaids are rare unless they are made from jersey material.

Materials used to make these styles vary from chiffon, organza, satin, lace, crepe, tulle, taffeta, silk, and jersey material. A combination of these materials may also be used to make these dresses. Metallic laces and sequined dresses are also favored by some. Sequined dresses are more popular among people from east. It depends on the type of yarn they are made from but these dresses really do stand out as the most fashionable on the planet and have been for years. They also suit a wide variety of weeding and bridal styles, so the versatility in these styles is great.

Such styles also depend upon the ages of the bridesmaid wearing them. Younger ones may actually be wearing frocks with gathers, laces, bows, etc. Those who are slightly older, i.e., between 16 and 35 may prefer tanks or skater dresses. Other bridesmaids may opt for gowns or sheath dresses. There are, however, no mandatory rules as to these age groups for bridesmaid’s. Manys prefer to wear dresses that can easily be used for other purposes as well such as at parties and other functions. Therefore, designs such as skater, and tank are also found among the styles designed for bridesmaids.


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